Movie Review: ’79 Parts’

Review by Caitlin Zeigler

Jack (Ryan O’Callaghan) is a student going to law school, who’s trying to figure out how to free his father, Mr. Anderson (Eric Roberts), from prison. One day, Jack receives a call from his school saying that he owes money and he can’t get financial aid because his father went to prison for embezzlement. His friend Gino (Johnny Solo) suggests Jack borrow the money from Gino’s uncle, Dennis Slattery (Aidan Redmond). Dennis let’s Jack know that if he gives him ten thousand dollars, he expects it back with an extra forty percent on top due within six weeks. Jack accepts the money only because Gino promises he can get the money back betting on horses.

Meanwhile, Dennis is a loan shark with a family and he’s trying to get his girlfriend on the side, Ana (Daniela MastroPietro), a green card. Immigration officers Spencer (Lou Martini Jr.) and Frank (Martin Barabas) are looking for Dennis (or anyone he knows) to mess up and they target Ana. Dennis is terrible and his wife Vera (Lisa Regina) is sick of telling him to keep up the appearance of being a good father and husband, so she puts a hit out on him.

When Gino messes up getting the money back, Dennis decides that Jack will pay him back by marrying Ana, so she won’t get deported. Dennis mistakenly believes that Jack and Ana really get together and he puts a hit out on him. When Dennis receives a call from his boss, who happens to be in prison with his best friend Mr. Anderson, he tells him to find out who’s hustling Jack and put an end to it. The problem is that Dennis is the problem. He either has to stop the hit put out on Jack or leave the country before anyone finds out it was him. It’s too bad he doesn’t know that his wife’s hit was on him at the same time.

This film is fun to watch and kind of funny. It seems like Jack’s story, but it also seems to equally be about Dennis. There’s something happening every step of the way and chaos ensues when you cross a loan shark who’s also a little bit of a gangster. The plot is good. It flows well and doesn’t drag, it’s funny and it doesn’t have you checking your phone leaving the film playing as background noise. It’s not a strong gangster film, but it touches on stuff you’d see in gangster films. It’s a good film to watch if you want to see Jack or Dennis not get their acts together.

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