LGBTQ Representation in Movies vs Real Life

LGBTQ Representation in Movies vs Real Life
For most relationships on-screen, there is a lot of happily ever after or smooth ease of clicking, finding love, and establishing a satisfying relationship. It looks blissful, and all and many people get tempted to expect the same of their relationship, but unfortunately, things don’t work the same way on screen and in real life. On-screen relationships are just what they are called on screen; they are made to be cute and lovely for your entertainment, not because that’s how life works. It is particularly so for LGBTQ relationships. Movies make it seem easy, but there are so many stumbling blocks and hate reactions that you might need to always face in real life. 

Movies about LGBTQ dating 
Blue is the warmest color: This 2013 movie centers on lesbian love and dating. The film tells a young high school student falling in love with an older art school student. The story is filled with accuracy for what the LGBTQ relationships are like.

Love, Simon: This 2018 movie takes on the gay relationship world with a queer lead star that undergoes the struggle of coming out in a world before accepting the LGBTQ community. The story is heartfelt and tells the pains most people go through when accepting their sexuality.

Tangarine: This 2015 movie shot with just an iPhone tells the struggles of transgender people. Acted and portrayed by an actual transgender cast, the show tells the dark truths of what it’s like to be Trans in a not accepting world.

Milk: The 2008 movie about the most prominent gay rights activist in the USA goes around the struggles this political gay man goes through in his quest for more rights. This story is everything from fact to entertaining.

Most common things in movies and real-life when you date with LGBT-partner online

For most LGBTQ relationships, there is something that sticks on-screen and off-screen. These include:

You will have to face a stiff crew of people who will not approve of your sexuality. It is seen on and off-screen.
LGBTQ relationships are messing not because this type of relationship is problematic but because there is a lot not yet understood about this type of relationship. Besides understanding how your emotions work and understanding what type of love or show, love is still a complicated topic that demands time to understand truly.

You won’t always get a happy ending; this is because LGBTQ relationships and those in these relationships could all be at that stage where they are just accepting themselves. Knowing truly what you want or how you want your relationship is not certain at this point, and most people will end up with a lot of heartbreak before a happy ending comes. 

The best LGBT-couples in history from screen

To name a few of the best LGBTQ couples that have graced the Hollywood screen, here they are:

• Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar from Brokeback Mountain
• Emma and Adele from Blue is the warmest color
• Oliver and Elio in Call me by your name.

Tips for finding your couple online for a Same-sex relationship

On dating sites and in real life, lesbian hookups are not as easy as it seems. So we prepared some tips that help to find your couple for interests and even for Same-sex relationship.

• Connect first with the personality rather than with the appearance
• Be honest with your feelings and don’t over complicate things.
• Don’t be afraid to tell her how you feel once you feel it; if it works out, then good, and if it doesn’t, so be it.
• Take your time to commit to a relationship, and when you do, don’t look back.
• Be understanding of their situations and go at their pace. 

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