Lesbian Characters, Relationships, and Dating as a Trend in the Modern Movie Industry

The world had moved on considerably since the early 1960s when The Beatles were only just being recognized, same-sex relationships were illegal, and movies featuring positive lesbian role models were non-existent. Nowadays, the movie industry is geared towards inclusivity, with LGBT actors, directors, screenwriters, and producers being encouraged to share their stories with global audiences. Let’s take a closer look into the many exciting opportunities now available to lesbians in the early 21st century and how these are reflected in the world of cinema and beyond.

Connecting with Film Fans

For decades, going to the movies has been a staple date night activity. Whether young couples are attending drive-in theaters, going to watch the latest blockbusters at their local multiplex, or chilling in front of Netflix, film appreciation is ingrained in modern society. If you’re a single lesbian who adores trips to the movies, where do you like to hang out to meet kindred spirits? The bar at your nearest cinema? How about a social club or nightclub just around the corner from this venue, known to be popular with movie-goers? A much better option would be checking out a lesbian chat room for interaction with like-minded individuals. If you’ve never come across these locations before, it’s high time you investigated! These outlets offer special opportunities for lesbians to touch base. Online matchmaking platforms were first introduced as a quick and convenient method for putting singles in touch with other singles. But these have evolved into so much more, especially within the LGBT demographic. Lesbian singles are twice as likely to be checking out this form of communication as their straight counterparts. Why this explosion in interest? Because websites and their app versions are now relied upon as social hubs, where lesbians can congregate and chat about any subjects they might be keen on – with movie conversations always high on the agenda.

In the chat rooms and forums, you could pay attention to popular group discussions, such as favorite lesbian actresses or movie franchises featuring strong female characters. After introducing yourself in this chat facility, you could easily pair off with any of the other site users whose profile photo happens to have caught your eye. Exchanging direct messages can be a great way to build a strong sense of chemistry.

Prominent Lesbian Characters

Once you find yourself immersed in this movie-friendly environment for single lesbians, you could think of conversation icebreakers. Why not mull over some of the latest female stars who are attracting all the attention for lesbian roles?

Kiera Knightley, renowned for so many wonderful performances in romcoms and more serious films, is excellent in the period drama Colette. Based on the real-life French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, the potent storyline is all about a woman drawn to many prospective partners, including other girls.

Birds of Prey is a superhero film with a difference – it is strong on same-sex woman vibes. Two of the main characters – Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) and Ellen Yee (Ali Wong) – are ex-lovers. The feisty, bubble-gum popping, baseball bat-wielding Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), also drops heavy hints that she swings either way (and nothing to do with that weapon she is always using to threaten people!)

The Favourite is a fabulous historical black comedy about Queen Anne (Olivia Coleman), an early 18th-century queen of Great Britain. Cousins Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) and Abigail Masham (Emma Stone) vie for the coveted role of being Her Majesty’s favorite. Along the way, there is jealousy, conceit, and potent girl-on-girl desire.

Movies featuring strong lesbian characters would be highly recommended for any date night. What better way to get familiar with a woman you like than sharing in the action and adventure on the silver screen?

Other Media Featuring Lesbian Leads

In terms of the sheer number of individuals who enjoy indulging, the movie industry has long been eclipsed by gaming. Many captivating lesbian characters are roaming this universe, too. Ellie, in the massively popular The Last of Us, recently transformed into a Netflix adaptation, is a classic example. Played on-screen by young English actress Bella Ramsey, she is a plucky young lesbian surviving in a dystopian world where a fungal pandemic has destroyed civilization. Ellie is never afraid to fight for what she believes to be right, as well as deal with dangerous enemies.

A great way to keep abreast of developments with movies empowering lesbian characters is to check out social media and read reviews of the latest titles. Keeping your finger on the pulse is also a great way to ensure your social life stays buzzing. If you know of films about to be released that particularly excite you, then you can pop them into your calendar. You can also look out for previews or special deals for booking early.

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