Ktisis Hyperboreia – Final Fantasy 14 Dungeon Guide

With the release of the Endwalker update, new playable zones and dungeons have been added to the world of Final Fantasy 14, and the maximum level of development for the character has increased.

In this guide, we will look at the raid itself, the requirements for guaranteed passage, and the mechanics of the bosses.

What you need to know about the raid:

1. Requirements
2. Bosses and Walkthrough
3. Drop


In FF 14, the character progresses through story missions, which are guaranteed to open all available content gradually and at the right time.

The Ktisis Hyperboreia dungeon will become available at level 87 after completing the Caging the Messenger quest.

To enter the dungeon, go to the Elpis location in the Endwalker update. For a comfortable passage, you must have equipment of level 515.

The key requirement is level 87 or higher – all higher level characters will be synced up to the specified number.

There are two ways to level up:

* Complete story and side missions
* Order ffxiv power leveling

What you need to know about boosting:

This is help in character development from a professional player with a guarantee of personal data protection.

You can choose the type of boosting – with access to the account and performing a service to the players, or control over your character, but being in a group with a booster to gain a level.

To order the service, you need to follow the link, select the ffxiv power leveling service, select the type of boosting and pay for the service, or leave a request.

Within a few minutes, the manager will contact you and agree on the details of the order and help with registration and payment, if this has not been done before.

At the specified time, the service will begin, and you will be able to monitor the status of the order in real time on the site.

To protect personal data, the VPN system is used and the character develops quickly, but gradually, so that the action looks realistic, as if you yourself are developing the character without outside help. Upon completion of the order, your account is returned, and you are advised to change your password to increase the level of security.



Uses the ability Frostbite and Seek to disappear from view, gradually the boss will appear, and you can track the place by looking at the footprints on the ground. In the place of the last trace, an AOE skill will be used in a straight line – be careful.

Icicall – a skill that summons icicles in dotted places, be careful.

The boss itself is not a serious threat, DPS units should quickly kill the summoned creatures in order to reduce the load on the tank and the healer and killing the boss will not be a problem.

Heavy Smash – deals damage to a group of targets, but divides between all players when hit – the group should come together to remove the threat of death in the squad.

Ladon Lord

Three-headed boss, uses the Inhale skill – after use, one of the heads will start glowing at the boss, which will cause damage to the players. Depending on the illumination of the head, the direction of impact will be selected – left edge, center, or right edge.

Pyric Breath – Fire damage to targets, try to avoid it.

Dodge AOE balls that will periodically fall on players.

The boss can cause trouble for the tank, due to most melee attacks, but with proper healer vigilance, the second boss will also not cause serious problems to the group.


Throughout the stage, the boss will use Hermetical, a system of portals that will spawn randomly and summon spheres that will fly in a straight line from the spawn point.

The orb must be avoided or players will take heavy damage and be knocked back.

The meteors will fall in threes and some of them will break and scatter fragments on all targets, so it is worth keeping in the middle of the points that will appear on the ground, as a designation of the place where the meteors will fall.

Periodically, the boss will use a double AOE attack in a row – all players need to remain vigilant and quickly change the place of the battle, otherwise you can fail the raid simply by relaxing ahead of time.

From time to time, Hermes will try to increase his damage by casting the True Bravery spell – all raid members need to use stun and silence spells and skills to block the casting, otherwise the load that will fall on the tank will become much stronger.


Successfully completing the Ktisis Hyperboreia dungeon and killing all the bosses will grant players the level 542 Ktiseos set gear, but will require a minimum level 87 player to be able to wear the gear.

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