Just Like in the Movies: 6 Romantic Movie Dates Worth Bringing to Life

Romantic movies often have a naïveté or ubiquitous cliché. But they are not deprived of incredible dates on which the heroes fall in love, get closer, and experience the best moments of their lives. We tell you what romantic scenes from all familiar films should be repeated with your beloved one.

1. Arrange a Joint Cooking
The main characters of the Chocolate film were able to prove that cooking can also be a romantic activity that brings them closer. To bring this scenario to life if you date Russian women, arrange a cozy evening of cooking at home. Just think up in advance what you want to cook (preferably something difficult) and buy the necessary products. There is another option – sign up for a master class. This is in case both of you are not very good at cooking, but you want to have a delicious dinner.

2. Draw and Pose
The scene from Titanic, in which Jack draws a nude Rose, is one of the most sensual in the film. We also offer you to stock up on paints, pencils, or other tools of your choice and devote an evening to creativity: try to draw your partner or become the muse. Even if your drawings are far from masterpieces, you will laugh heartily and look at your partner from the other side.

3. Boat Ride
Nicholas Sparks has a knack for coming up with cool dating ideas. The hero of The Notebook, also based on the book by Sparks, is trying by any means to surprise the girl and win her heart. We do not recommend hanging on the wheel, but a romantic boat trip will be exactly what you need.

4. Horse Riding
The Longest Ride is a touching melodrama based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. The main character connected his life with horses, so in the film, you can enjoy the sight of these beautiful elegant animals. We advise you to be inspired by this movie and visit the racetrack with your significant other. Organize a horse ride just for the two of you under the supervision of an experienced instructor — unforgettable emotions are guaranteed!

5. Build a Waffle House
Remember how in the beautiful 50 First Dates film, the main heroine loved to have breakfast at a local café and build houses from waffles. And when the main hero shared this activity with her, she simply melted! If you are out with your loved one for a regular breakfast in a restaurant or a café, we suggest having some fun and building a small waffle house. You may also be captivated by this activity.

6. Fly up High
The story of Christian and Anastasia from 50 Shades of Gray has captured everyone all over the world. And not least because of the incredible dates that the main character arranged for his beloved. Just remember how he allowed her to literally be over the moon with happiness, giving her a helicopter flight. Although this is not the cheapest pleasure, you can also choose the best option and go on a balloon flight. This will be an unforgettable date that takes your breath away!

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