Interview: ‘Tate Ellington’ Talks His New Movie Wanderland

by | Apr 16, 2018 | Interviews, Movies | 0 comments

Tate Ellington is an actor known for Quantico, Shameless and The Brave on NBC. He has a new movie coming out that we talked about, if he would be back on Quantico and his painting (which you can see here). You can listen to the interview below.

Fed up with his humdrum, isolated life in New York City, 34 year old Alex (TATE ELLINGTON) responds to an unusual group email invitation from an acquaintance (DREE HEMINGWAY) to house-sit at a picturesque cottage in the Hamptons for the weekend. Following his GPS, he drives to the isolated part of Long Island, but discovers his cellphone charger is broken and that he’s completely cut off from the internet. A chance meeting with a woman on the beach (TARA SUMMERS) sets off a chain of events where he finds himself stranded with a dead car and dead phone. In his effort to fix his car and get back to the cottage, he ends up lost on a musical, dream-like “Alex in Wonderland” adventure, caught in a series of awkward and surreal situations with a colorful cast of characters. Without his phone to protect him and forced to interact with these people face to face, Alex rediscovers the magic of human connection, and ultimately discovers that the vibrant, musical world he’s wished for his whole life is there all around him, if he listens.

WANDERLAND will be available to own or rent on digital HD on April 17 and in select theaters (NY/LA) on April 20.