Interview: Author ‘Zach Fehst’ Talks His Great Debut Novel American Magic

Photograph by Heather Demetrios

Zach Fehst writes fiction that is big on mystery and adventure. He also hosted the Emmy-nominated nature show, “The Ultimate Guide to the Awesome,” on the Discovery Kids network. He is married to author Heather Demetrios. American Magic, his first novel, is coming August 2019 from Simon & Schuster (Emily Bestler Books). His writing also appears in the YA anthology Dear Heartbreak, published by Macmillan (Henry Holt). He has traveled to over thirty countries, but makes his home in Durham, North Carolina.

Check out his website here and Twitter. The book is in stores on Tuesday, August 20th from Atria. You can listen to the interview below.

In this fast-paced, international thriller, chaos erupts after a shadowy figure with ties to an elite and ancient society posts incantations on the dark web that allow people to perform real magic.

When an enigmatic message uploaded to the dark web turns out to contain an ancient secret giving regular people the power to do impossible things, like levitate cars or make themselves invisible, American government officials panic. They know the demo videos on YouTube and instructions for incantations could turn from fantastical amusement to dangerous weapon at the drop of the hat, and they scramble to keep the information out of the wrong hands.

They tap Ben Zolstra, an ex-CIA field operative whose history with the Agency is conflicted at best, to lead the team that’s racing to contain the dangerous knowledge—and track down the mysterious figure behind the leak who threatens that even more dangerous spells will be released one by one until the world as we know it no longer exists.

This sweeping, globe-spanning thriller explores the dark consequences of a question mankind has been asking for centuries: What if magic were real?

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