Interview: Author ‘Ted Bell’ Talks His New Alex Hawke Novel Dragonfire

Theodore A. Bell, author of 10 consecutive New York Times best sellers and former advertising executive, began his advertising career in the 1970’s as a junior copywriter at Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB), New York. At the age of 25, he sold his first screenplay to Hollywood, as well as became the youngest vice-president in the storied history of DDB. In 1982, he joined Leo Burnett Co., Chicago, as a creative director. Four years later, at the age of 40, he was named President, Chief Creative Officer where he was credited with developing numerous innovative and award-winning advertising campaigns. In 1982, Bell joined Young & Rubicam, London, and in 1991 became the Vice Chairman and Worldwide Creative Director. Bell has won every award the advertising industry offers, including numerous Clios and Cannes Gold Lions, and while at Young & Rubicam, the Grand Prix at the Cannes Festival. In 2001, Bell retired to write full time. He has 10 consecutive New York Times Bestsellers to his credit: The Alex Hawke series of spy thrillers published by HarperCollins and the young adult targeted time travel adventure series, Nick of Timeand The Time Pirate published by St. Martins Press.

Bell has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and has been a featured speaker at associations and clubs across the country.Bell has traveled the world and has lived in Italy, London, France, Palm Beach, New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Maine. Today, a 19th century farmhouse in Connecticut is where he calls home.

Check out his website, Facebook, and Instagram. The book is in stores now. You can listen below to the interview.

December 8, 1941, Washington, D.C.
The new Chinese ambassador to the United States, Tiger Tang, meets with President Roosevelt one day after the attack on Pearl Harbor. For the next four years, China and the U.S. will be wartime allies, but the charming, sophisticated ambassador may be playing his own treacherous game.

Today, The Bahamas
Alex Hawke is recovering from serious injuries incurred during a battle with a malevolent enemy. His recuperation is interrupted by a desperate call from the Queen. Her favorite grandson has disappeared in the Bahamas. Lord Hawke is the only man she trusts with a mission this sensitive. All she knows is that the young prince was last seen at the exclusive Dragonfire nightclub owned by the nefarious Tang brothers, grandsons of Ambassador Tiger Tang.

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