Interview: Author ‘Brett Grayson’ Talks His Book What Could Go Wrong? My Mostly Comedic Journey Through Marriage, Parenting And Depression

“John Grisham Without the Success” is how Brett has been described by critics. In all seriousness, Brett is a successful trial attorney with offices throughout the five boroughs of NYC and New Jersey. He is originally from Long Island, but chose to live in New Jersey because he loves the long commute over the George Washington Bridge each day.

Check out his website here, Twitter and Facebook. The book is available Tuesday, January 15th. You can listen to the interview below.

There comes a time when couples decide to create and raise tiny helpless human beings, hoping they one day become non-tiny and less helpless.

This is one family’s journey through ten months of pregnancy (isn’t it supposed to be nine months?), the first years of parental cluelessness, the terrible twos, threenagers, and the few years that follow when they begin to learn about a world that’s even crazier than they are.

Join the author and his wife as they navigate those ten months, from the always romantic conception, to her water breaking in the most unique way possible. Then watch them attempt parenthood, from the seemingly simple routine of dressing their kids for school, to the complex experience of teaching them to use public bathrooms.

It’s mostly a breeze…

No it isn’t. Pre and postnatal complications; battles with their own mental health; and those rapidly growing and irrational miniature versions of themselves. Some of it is devastating. Much of it is overwhelming. All of it challenges them to maintain their sense of humor.

And when they attempted to go on an airplane as a family… that was a sh*tshow.

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