Interview: Author ‘Annette Christie’ Talks Her New Book The Rehearsals

Annette Christie is a Canadian-American hybrid with a BFA in Theatre and a history of very odd jobs. She’s had articles published in various online magazines, including HelloGiggles and The Guardian. The back of her head is featured prominently in the film Mean Girls. She currently resides in Alberta with her husband and two children. Her Audible Originals YA novel, LOVE LESSONS (which she also narrated), is available now. Her Adult debut novel, THE REHEARSALS, will be published July 2021 through Little, Brown (US) and Hodder & Stoughton (UK).

Check out her website here, Twitter and Instagram. The book is in stores on Tuesday, July 13th from Little Brown. You can listen below to the interview.

Megan Givens and Tom Prescott are heading into what is supposed to be their magical wedding weekend on beautiful San Juan Island. But with two difficult families, ten years of history, and all too many secrets, things quickly go wrong. After a disastrous rehearsal dinner they vow to call the whole thing off—only to wake up the next morning stuck together in a time loop. Are they really destined to relive the worst day of their lives, over and over? And what happens if their wedding day does arrive?

A funny, romantic, and big-hearted debut novel, The Rehearsals imagines what we might do if given a second chance at life and at love—and what it means to finally get both right.

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