Interview: Author And NFL Insider ‘Adam Schefter’ Talks His Great New Book The Man I Never Met: A Memoir

Adam Schefter is known for his NFL coverage. If there’s a scoop or a breaking story chances are he has broken it. He currently works at ESPN. We all know the football guy. We don’t know the man behind the TV person he is. In his great new book we learn a lot more about him the man. And it’s quite a story. His whole live changed (as did everyone with 9/11). He goes into great detail about how it affected his personal life in his new book The Man I Never Met: A Memoir in stores Tuesday, September 4th from St. Martin’s Press. You can follow him on Twitter and Faceook and listen below (and beware when you read the book have some tissues handy).

On September 11, 2001, Joe Maio went to work in the north tower of the World Trade Center. He never returned, leaving behind a wife, Sharri, and 15-month old son, Devon. Five years later, Sharri remarried, and Devon welcomed a new dad into his life.

For thousands, the whole country really, 9/11 is a day of grief. For Adam and Sharri Maio Schefter and their family it’s not just a day of grief, but also hope. This is a story of 9/11, but it’s also the story of 9/12 and all the days after. Life moved on. Pieces were picked up. New dreams were dreamed. The Schefters are the embodiment of that.

This book will give voice to all those who have chosen to keep living. It’s gratifying and beautiful. But also messy and hard. Like most families. Except that one day every year history comes roaring back. How do you embrace that? How do you honor that?

The Man I Never Met is also a peek at Adam Schefter, the man behind the headlines and injury reports; a real person who has a real family. His book will follow in the path of recent ESPN books by Tom Rinaldi and the late Stuart Scott – books that have transcended sport to examine the raw emotion of life.

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