Interview: Actress ‘Jennifer Riker’ Talks Black Lightning, Her New Nancy Drew Movie And Stuber

Multi-faceted and talented actress Jennifer Riker gets to explore her dark side as Dr. Helga Jace in CW’s hit series “Black Lightning”, Season 2 of which is currently airing Mondays at 9/8c. Riker will soon to be seen in Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase (produced by Ellen DeGeneres), and 20th Century Fox’s action/comedy STUBER.

Jennifer was born and raised in Pennsylvania as the oldest of four siblings, she started auditioning for roles at the age of 7, landing a 7 UP commercial. Several years later, she got her first manager while starring on “Wrap Around,” a teen talk show that didn’t shy away from tough topics like anorexia and suicide. Riker attended Florida State University and earned a prestigious BFA degree. With a tenacity to master her craft, Riker moved to New York City and auditioned for a 3-year master program, yielding an MFA Degree from the Yale School of Drama. In 2015, Riker moved to Atlanta, debuting a short hair style, and has been booking non-stop ever since. Viewers may recognize Riker from AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” AMC’s “Lodge 49,” and USA’s “The Purge” to name a few.

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