Indy PopCon Review And Interview With Vanessa Marshall

By James Lindorf

This past weekend, fans piled into the Indianapolis Convention Center for the 6th annual Indy PopCon. This year’s celebrity guests include a Shield Agent, Henry Simmons (Mac), as well as a pair of Super Troopers, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske. They will be joined by Asher Angel from Shazam, legendary voice actor Phil Lamarr, original Green Ranger Jason David Frank and many more. On top of celebrities, there was plethora of artists, authors and craftsmen hoping to share their work with the thousands of convention attendees.

After attending large conventions in Seattle and Chicago earlier this year it was refreshing to be at a smaller venue where you can move freely and you don’t have to spend hours in line to meet every celebrity, though the line for Jason David Frank was impressively long at times. On Sunday, Jason also took the time to meet with a young Make Wish Child, to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Other highlights of the event included performances by S.N.O.T. (Super Nerds of Tomorrow), an Emmy nominated chamber orchestra made up of current and former students of the University of Michigan. Of course, the Rave of Thrones after-party on Saturday with Jason David Frank as the host and Kristian Nairn (Hodor) serving as DJ was a hit. There was also laser tag, an arcade that raised money for charity, and an escape room for fans who were ready for a break from the panels and the exhibit hall.

Indy PopCon may not be able to compete with the big conventions in New York and San Diego, but it offers a large variety of activities and a quality list of celebrity guests within a well-organized, comfortably crowded space. Indy PopCon will be back next July 10th-12th for its 7th annual show.


While attending the recent Indy PopCon, I was lucky enough to get to speak with the fabulous veteran voice actor Vanessa Marshall. She was a pleasure to talk to and watch interact with the crowd at PopCon. She welcomed everyone with a smile and treated them like they were more of a friend than just a customer. Vanessa is a graduate of Princeton University and added a Masters in acting from NYU. She has had a wide-ranging career from her early days as a model to working as the voice of various commercial campaigns, she has even been a playwright and a stand-up comedian. During her career in animation she has played Hera in “Star Wars: Rebels,” Mary Jane in “The Spectacular Spider-man,” Wonder Woman in “Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox,” Poison Ivy in “Batman: Brave and the Bold,” Black Canary in “Young Justice,” Black Widow in “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes,” among many more. On camera, she enjoyed working on “Law and Order” and “Scrubs.” You can find out more by going to or reach out to Vanessa directly at @VanMarshall on Twitter.

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