How You Can Grab Yourself a Slice of That Movie Star Treatment

You’ve seen them strolling down the red carpet in thousand-dollar suits and dresses, toting the finest accessories not on the market. You’ve even seen them frequenting fancy restaurants, sitting in the VIP seats at sports games, and attending the most prestigious gaming venues. Celebrities, movie stars especially, are always getting special treatment, but when do you get some special treatment? Luckily, there is a way. By honing in on a famously favored activity of movie stars as well as a somewhat absurd aspect of their celebrity status, you too can get a taste of the movie star treatment.

Swanky venues and free stuff for the rich

Most movie stars tend to live in or around Los Angeles most of the time, and while there are a few celebrity hotspots around the City of Angels, none boast the undeniable draw that the most famous venues of Las Vegas offer. Only an hour or so flight away from LA, Sin City offers both sides of the movie-star lifestyle that they all enjoy, be it privacy in a prestigious venue or being swarmed by fans and the paparazzi en route to a famous spot.

Movie stars and celebrities have been inexplicably tied to the biggest and classiest casinos in the world for decades. The movies that some of these famous faces star in has helped to fuel this image, including the very cinematic image of a rich person pushing stacks of chips into the middle of the felt, only get even more in return. Many famous film stars frequent famous Las Vegas casinos. For example, Matt Damon and Demi Moore are said to visit the Bellagio, while stars Bruce Willis, Pamela Anderson, and Ben Affleck often go to The Palms.

When they’re not enjoying a night out at a fancy restaurant or amidst the glitz of a casino, film stars may even be spotted attending movie premieres and awards evenings to celebrate their work. One of the worst-kept secrets of the industry is that the stars are treated to bundles of free goodie bags at these events, often after they’ve received other free items to wear at the event. It is said that at most events, including the SAG Awards and Golden Globes, feature hefty swag bags, with regulars on the red carpet receiving swag bags worth around $100,000. Despite being rich and famous, movie stars get a lot of free stuff.

Get a taste of the movie star life for yourself

Unless you’ve got a very healthy nest egg, are a very talented but undiscovered acting talent, or decide on enticing a movie star in your own publicized romance, there’s a good chance that you will, sadly, not receive treatment to the levels detailed above. There is, however, a way for you to get a taste of the joys of stardom in the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.

Celebrities love to gamble, be it poker, craps, blackjack, or roulette; they seem drawn to experiencing the thrills of having a pile of chips on the line. While you may not want to travel to Las Vegas to play some casino games, you can get comfy on your sofa, boot up your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, and gain access to a huge selection of games – way more than at the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. But what about the free stuff, you say? Well, through Magical Vegas casino offers, you can claim bonuses of up to £500, £10 cash-back bonuses, multiple consecutive bonuses, and even VIP program points and rewards.

It’s not the same as getting a private room in the most famous casino in the world or being given a bag worth more than a car. But you don’t have to travel, don’t have to get dressed up, don’t have to deal with the paparazzi, and you still get to enjoy the same games as movies stars with some bonuses thrown in as well.

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