How Would Your Wealth Compare to Movie Stars’ if you Won the Powerball Jackpot?

With Powerball again reaching ridiculous heights, we can’t help but start to wonder exactly what we would do with a piece of the pie, and what we might accomplish with the whole pot. One of the difficulties here comes in terms of perspective, as this is a quantity of money which is simply impossible for most of us to relate.

However, we still thought it would be fun to compare the jackpot to some of the world’s biggest movie stars, to see how you might stack up if you took home the whole billion dollar Powerball jackpot tamale. Powerball simply asks players to pick five numbers between 1 and 69 and a “Powerball” from 1 to 26. We haven’t worked out the exact odds, but it’s clear that any one ticket could win. 

Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr.
While Tony Stark might be living on the upper stratosphere as a billionaire, Robert Downey Jr. is hardly a slouch himself. With an estimated worth of around $250 million, this undeniably charismatic actor might not reach the heights of his most famed character, but he at least lives at a level many of dream of reaching. A primary reason for the success of the Marvel films, we’d say RDJ is worth every penny.

The Generous One – Keanu Reeves
As one of the actors who is easy to love and impossible to hate, Keanu Reeves is not just incredibly wealthy, he is also unexpectedly humble. Having a reported worth of $350 million, Reeves lives a notoriously simple life, giving much of his fortune to the less fortunate. In fact, he even gave up portions of his pay to allow the visual effects worker on the Matrix a bigger payday which is, like dude, totally far out. You’d still be more wealthy than Keanu if you were to win the jackpot – but we hope you use it in a similarly conscientious way. 

The Bad Example – Johnny Depp
A talented actor in both the comedic and dramatic spheres, Johnny Depp has been a household name for decades. With an estimated prior worth of over $440 million, Depp has brought a lot of attention to the films in which he stars, but his spending habits are not quite as considered. Notorious for over-spending, Depp has found himself approaching dire straits in recent years, somehow managing to spend more in a year than many of us would earn in a lifetime.

Shah Rukh Khan – The Richest of the Rich
Also known as the King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan might not be a household name in the western world, but he still finds his place as the richest actor of the modern age. With more than 80 films under his belt, Rukh Khan boasts a total worth of over $600 million, but even all of his work and fame couldn’t compare to your winnings if you were to pick the right numbers.

What Would You Do?
That’s the question when it comes to lottery winnings, and it’s something we’ve all wondered. The fantasy is a big part of the game, and with that much money on the line, our answers hardly need to be serious. How much would you give to those in need, which family members would you dote on, and which childhood dreams would this open up? Would you buy a pool full of candy, or create the world’s longest waterslide? There are no wrong answers.

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