How To Deal With Seasonal Depression

SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is something that occurs almost every year at the same time. It is a change in mood and behavior due to the changing season, and the alteration in the environment has to do a lot with this disorder.

The reason why we are starting with the scientific definition is that we want you to stop being under delusion. The delusion that seasonal depression is not a thing and you are the only person dealing with it.

You are not!

There are many who deal with this seasonal disorder when the colder months stick. However, seasonal depression can affect you in any season; the majority deal with it in the last few months of the year.

If you are here for a solution because you are tired of feeling down and depressed in the beautiful seasons of Fall & Winter, then you have reached the right place.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about some of the expert-given solutions which can help you to deal with seasonal depression.
What Is Seasonal Affective Disorder?
Yes, we have given you the definition, but here is a little more to know about this kind of disorder.

Some of the symptoms of ‘seasonal depression’ are-

– Apathy towards the beauty of the season.
– Hating to go outside.
– Extreme mood swings.
– Sleeping too much or insomnia.
– General discontent.
– Loneliness & Sadness.

As nature’s law, every animal feels like this, and therefore hibernation is a thing. However, being a part of the civilized stature, we do not have the liberty to do that. So, let us find out what we can do.

How To Deal With It
Here is some of the best advice which can help you to deal with seasonal depression, affected immediately.

1. A Different Reality
Jumping to a different reality always helps us to see the season from a third person’s perspective. There is no harm in jumping to an unrealistic reality if it makes you love a season you absolutely hate.

A great solution would be to indulge in some good movies and books. Autumn and winter movies are an excellent way to understand the season better and fall in love with it all over again.

Now with, you can download all your favorite movies, series, and ebooks for free.

2. Romanticizing The Season
Every season has difficulties, but they also have elements that are unique to the months. Whether we are talking about the –

– The rain in autumn.
– The leaves are changing color.
– The winter chills and sitting across the fire.
– Drinking hot coffee/chocolate because it is finally the weather for it.

Yes, they all sound very picture-perfect, but that is how you romanticize the season. You find out things you can do in this season that you cannot do with others.

3. Getting Mood Lighting
The thought of everything getting darker soon is one of the common reasons for this disorder. Some people just like the sun and the warmth that it brings. However, when the sun sets early, the gloom begins.

A mind-blowing solution to this problem would be mood lighting. Now, you don’t have to worry about the dark atmosphere outside, but your home aesthetics will also change. Just a few more lights here and there, and you will start loving your indoors.

All are cozy and ready for the seasons.

We have also seen some buying candles and lighting them as soon as the sun sets to get some extra light.

4. Getting Nature’s Time
Just because now you have a beautiful indoors doesn’t mean you will cut short your outdoor times. Yes, it is difficult to pluck up the energy and go outside, but you have to force yourself just the first time.

The moment you go outside and feel the fresh air along with all the beauty of the season, you will thank yourself for the decision.

Try to incorporate nature’s time into your routine as well!

Get Ready To Welcome!

When you already know that the seasons are approaching, rather than getting sad or gloomy, why not prepare to welcome the season?

For example, start baking seasonal delights and familiarize yourself with the scent of the season.

Understand that it is manageable, and you do not have to give full control of your emotions to this problem.

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