Games: Why limited-time events and live elements matter

Developers are engaged in a continual struggle to try and ensure that their games remain relevant so that they do not lose players. Fortunately, there are several ways in which interest can be maintained in a game even after the hype of its initial release has died down.

These methods include the regular scheduling of in-game limited-time events as well as other live elements incorporated into games.

These in-game limited-time events have become a huge revenue source for developers, particularly with titles that are free to play, and it is not difficult to understand why this is the case.

Live online casino games

Online casinos are nothing new in and of themselves, dating back to the mid-90s. Still, far from stagnating, online casinos have continually evolved, and live online casino games are yet more proof of this.

Live casino games differ from standard online casino games by having access to a live host. A live-streaming dealer manipulates the play instead of all the legwork being done by a computer.

That means live online casino games mix both the convenience of playing casino games online with the more traditional synergy experienced in physical casinos.

As might be expected, live online casino games were a hit straight off, and the majority of popular table games will have something extra to offer when played live.

Online casinos are the favored choice of many players because they are simple to use. However, even hardcore supporters of online casinos sometimes miss the interpersonal element offered by physical casinos.

This aspect is openly embraced by live online casino games, not just regarding dealers but also with communication between players.

A huge role is played in live online casino games by text chat, which creates a vibrant back and forth communication, and players can engage with this however much they like because it is opt-in.

The ubiquity of mobile phones in the current age has also helped with this popularity, with mobile versions just as able to engage with modern online casinos as are laptops and desktop PCs.

This adds a level of professional experience anywhere that has mobile internet connections, not just at home. Many online casinos offer player apps such as the Borgata Casino app, helping players to access games such as Live Blackjack, Wheel of Fortune Megaways, American Roulette, and much more.

Why are limited-time events important?

Almost two-thirds of F2P game players give up once they have played a game for 24 hours, according to Adjust, a mobile analytics platform. That is a nerve-wracking statistic for developers but one that can be improved using in-game limited-time events.

The benefits of such events are clear to players, as they receive a new goal to play for to replace the previous gameplay, they have now become accustomed to and perhaps bored with.

For developers, encouraging players to return and once more engage with a game increases the likelihood that those players will be converted into paying customers, or at least to monetize with the use of adverts.

In-game limited-time events have become massively popular, to the extent that events sections dedicated to letting players know about upcoming or ongoing events have been created for some games such as Clash of the Titans.

The optimization of limited-time events

In-game limited-time events still have to be done in the right way to succeed in retaining players.

Players want new content to excite and surprise them, so there should be an evolution over time in what they are being offered. The unexpected and genuinely new limited-time events tend to draw in the most revenue.

In-game limited-time events also need to offer rewards and other items tied into existing gameplay, such as rewards that allow players to gain advantages or to access higher levels within the game.

The crafting of an in-game live event to directly link in with the core game’s goals helps players to feel as though they are not just completing challenges for no reason but are working toward achieving a bigger goal.

In-game limited-time events are a clever way of ensuring that players have new goals to return to, which results in an increase in revenue, and can play a huge role in making sure that the life of a mobile game can be significantly extended.

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