Films In A Foreign Language: A Way To Study With Ease

Skeptics doubt it, but learning a foreign language from movies and TV shows really brings good results. This method is ideal for moviegoers who are not afraid of difficulties.

However, it is necessary not only to watch a film and hope that foreign words will turn into knowledge by themselves but also to work through every incomprehensible phrase. In this article, we will talk about how to do this efficiently and effectively.

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Now that everything is settled let’s get to it.

Why Is This a Smart Approach:

Movies without translation is an invaluable resource that helps you develop and refine your language skills. To speak fluently, you need to get used to everyday speech and the practical use of any language in a specific context.

Movies are perfect for this. Most importantly: if you do not live in a foreign country, films may be the only way to plunge into the real language environment.

The correct algorithm for learning a language with movies is as follows.

Stage I:

The first time you will most likely watch a film without subtitles for informational purposes, sitting comfortably on the couch, trying to guess and understand what is at stake. Here, use all your attentiveness and observation skills, try to at least partially interpret fragments of phrases and words that you cannot catch.

Stage II:
Watch an episode of some TV-show in a foreign language with subtitles.

Subtitles are a great way to learn a language passively. Activate the subtitles in the language you are learning for the movie of your choice, and you will notice that with each viewing you memorize more and more words and whole sentences.
Video with English subtitles on the network is much more common than with subtitles in other languages, so you can continuously replenish your piggy bank of scenes from films in English. But at the same time, it is absolutely real to download subtitles for almost any movie in other languages.

Stage III:

Try to understand each phase in detail. Stop the video at incomprehensible moments, write out unfamiliar words and phrases, use the dictionary to translate them. Pay attention to situations in which expressions are pronounced. If these are situations at the airport, store, bank, you can write out whole sentences so that later you can use them in similar real-life situations.

Do not worry if the first couple of episodes will take more time than you planned: you need to get used to the speech of the characters, their intonations, pace, accents. After the first 15-20 minutes, it will be easier for you. Do not worry if you fail to analyze the entire film in one go. Sometimes it can take three times more minutes than the duration of the film itself.

You can plan to watch a movie in a foreign language for half an hour every day.

Stage IV:

Repeat words and phrases after actors. In addition to training listening, you can train pronunciation. Just stop the video and repeat the line after the character. Try to pay attention not only to the pronunciation of specific words but also to the general intonation of the sentence.

Copy intonation and pronunciation with maximum accuracy. You can repeat the same phrase an unlimited number of times until you master the pronunciation to perfection.
Stage V
Mentally communicate with the actors. At first glance, the advice seems rather strange, but if you give it a go, you’ll realize that you are gaining invaluable experience in communication and conversational practice, which is so lacking in learning any foreign language on your own.

You can stop the video and respond to the phrases of the actors in your own words. You can also try to restore dialogs from a movie or series to your mind when you do something else. Conversation practice does not have to be in a live form. You can very well play different dialogs in your head.

The Best Movies to Get Started:

Below you will find the list we have compiled for you to get started with learning another language via movies. Marley & Me. This is an exciting film that is suitable not only for animal lovers but also for all romantic people.

Home Alone. The film can be re-watched endlessly. It is filled with humor and many useful phrases. There are no high-flown words, only helpful vocabulary for everyday communication.

Harry Potter. Fantasy lovers of all ages will love the Harry Potter movie series. The complexity of speech increases with each film. Dialogues in British English will provide an opportunity to prepare for a trip to London, for example.

Extra. This is an excellent series for beginners, developed by the British Channel 4. It is an easy and funny series that will allow you to fill in the gaps in the English language quickly.

Gossip Girl. The series tells about the lives of wealthy New York youngsters. The series has many dialogues, with actors talking at an average pace.

Wrapping Up:

Each learner should note that it is entirely possible to find subtitles for any movie in any other language.

Still, if you study any other language besides English, seek original movies and good luck!

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