Emerald City Comic-Con Interview: Author And Illustrator ‘Meredith McClaren’

By James Lindorf

While attending Emerald City Comic Con, I had the chance to sit down with author and illustrator Meredith McClaren (Hinges) to discuss her new book, Super Fun Sexy Times. In her book, McClaren tells five short stories featuring superheroes, supervillains, sidekicks, and the people who love them. Super Fun Sexy Times will be available August 20th, until then you can learn more about Meredith by going to @IniquitousFish on Twitter.

Sex has been a part of comics since the very beginning. The 1930s saw the creation of “Tijuana Bibles” which were explicit 8 paged palm-sized books that frequently featured cartoon characters and actual celebrities in various sexual encounters. Over the years, mostly thanks to the Comics Code, the depiction of sex in the majority of comics has fluctuated dramatically, leading to a booming underground scene. In recent years sex has started to trickle back into the mainstream thanks to the popularity of books like Sex Criminals and Saga.

While the amount of sexuality in comics has varied, one thing has not. In the vast majority of cases, the sex features straight, white, cisgender men at the center of the event. This left women, members of the LGBTQ community and those that practice a more unique lifestyle on the outside looking in. That is not the case for Super Fun Sexy Times. McClaren’s stories feature a wide variety of sexualities, body types, and kinks. She tells each story with care, humor and a ton of sex-positivity. A brief synopsis of each of the 5 stories can be seen below.

“Two sidekicks on opposite sides get stuck in an underground lab together and find a great way to pass the time. A tactician and superhero discuss their desires, limits, and kinks before their first time, and perhaps get a little too excited in the process. A pair of supervillains explore gender and sex together while growing closer in their relationship. Lesbian heroes try out a kinky roleplaying scenario and discover how to make it work for both of them. And an exhausted assassin relaxes after a long day with the kind (yet firm) attention of his husband.”

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