DVD Review: ‘The Last Ship: The Complete Fourth Season’

The fourth season was a season of Change. Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) has decided to live a life of quiet in Greece. The Nathan James is searching for seeds that have immunity to the red rust virus. Things don’t go smoothly for either. Tom ends up in a life or death situation in Greece, which also involves him having to MMA fight (and he is a bad ass fighter). Soon the Nathan James and Tom unexpectedly meet up when both their situations are related. The situation in Greece is not good and it involves the seeds.

Soon the Nathan James learns they have a trader in their mists, fine themselves surrounded on all sides and have to come up with a plan to not only find and save the seeds, but also to save their own lives.

Another exciting, action-packed season with twists and turns in almost every episodes. Another great arc this season was with Slattery, as we learned more about his past and how he became who he is today.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, June 5th, with lots of cool extras including featurettes and behind the scenes documentary.

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