DVD Review: ‘Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season’ DVD

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.

The season started off with who survived the island finale from season five. Thea is in critical condition, John has an injury and Oliver’s sons mother has died. Oliver promises to raise him. Forward and Thea is in a coma and William resents Oliver. Black Siren is running around and causing problems and is also aligned with one of the seasons big bads Cayden James.

Oliver is one again accused of being Green Arrow, which he denies and is trying to run the city as best he can as Mayor. Anatoli and Slade are back on the scene with Oliver working with Slade. Oliver backs away from the team and John along with newbies Dinah (who has a Black Siren scream), Curtis and Wild Dog, who keep clashing with Oliver and John. Soon it turns out one of them has turned on the team and soon those three go their own way.

Roy Harper is back in town and Thea wakes up from her coma and they soon leave town together. Oliver manages to put a trick and get the charges against him being Green Arrow dismissed. He is soon fired as Mayor and learns that Diaz is controlling a lot of the police force and government and is the city. He tries to take him down on many occasions and not having any luck. It soon turns into a final showdown.

And in a moment fans have been waiting years for Oliver and Felicity finally get married.

Another intense season that had all members of the team at one point arguing and or walking away from each other. With old characters and actors coming and going this season it made for an interesting dynamic for the show and writers. Now as season seven approaches we know that Roy Harper will be back while Quentin will be gone.

You can pick up Arrow: The Complete Sixth Season Available on Blu-ray and DVD August 14.

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