Documentary Film Short Review: ‘One Leg In, One Leg Out’

Review by David Ferguson

Greetings again from the darkness. Filmmaker Lisa Rideout follows transgendered sex worker Iman as she goes through her typical days and nights. For the viewer, it isn’t about the work being done, but rather the person harboring a dream.

Iman is 42 years old and wants to pursue her dream of becoming a social worker, and helping those in her transgender community. She states, “Our choice is to sell ourselves, or sell drugs.” She can only dream of a regular paycheck.

Director Rideout does nothing to influence our perceptions of Iman, choosing instead to provide a stark portrait of a person with dreams of making a better life. Iman is taken aback upon learning that heading to college will require 2 years of classwork. It’s at this point where Iman must answer whether her current situation will hold her back, or whether she is strong enough to pursue her dream.

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