Different Types of Football Bets

There is no doubt that the world of football is quite intriguing with lots of fans all over the world who are into the game supporting different teams. The good thing about football is that fans can still make money through betting while being entertained.

Before engaging as a new bettor in football betting, every new football bettor needs to understand how the game works. The market includes predicting numbers like the total number of scores in a game and other interesting options which will be seen in the unfolding paragraphs.


In sites like daftar situs judi, the handicap is one of the most common football game market options amongst bettors. This bet is always placed ahead of a season as a player tries to determine which team will win a game in each round.


Over or under is also one of the popular markets where bettors tend to play and are also deemed to be easy. In this market, football players need to add the higher/over the limit on the lower/under the limit of a programmed switch. Hence when betting, the bettors can select the upper or lower limit. Players’ win does not come from an exact score prediction but the total number of goals scored based on the programmed limit.


This is another fascinating betting market that players can bet with at daftar situs judi. In this game, the bettor has to predict game scores of any upcoming match which can either be an odd or even number. This makes the betting game interesting as the player can just predict scores without necessarily forecasting the exact score.

Total Goals
The total goal of a match is one of the most exploited football betting choices. This bet expects bettors to predict the final score of the game between two teams. This means the bettor forecasts the end score of the game which could be based on analysis or predictions.

First Goal and last goal

Another bet football lovers can bet on, is to predict the first and last score of the game. This can include predicting which team will score the first goal and the team that will score the last goal. Some bettors consider this as one of their favorites.


The outright football bet is another market any bettor can focus on to win some cash. All a bettor has to do is predict the winning team that will move on to the next round or the next match to be played. This game is one of the easiest amongst the different betting games to easily and quickly predict and win some money from the bookmakers.

Final word

Football bets provide its fans with a lot of exciting opportunities to make some quick cash while enjoying their favorite sports or watching their favorite team play. It is important to always master and comprehend some of the techniques used in coming up with precise predictions to easily win a bet.

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