Dating sites and apps for creative people

You may well have noticed that creative people are often very lonely. Also, they are often very reserved and focused more on creativity than on communicating with other people. Why is this and can anything be done about it?

Many researchers agree that the reason is in the life phases of a creative person. There are two such phases. The first is when a person is inspired, totally focused on creativity. They are no longer interested in anything else, they are “on their own wave”, and they want to create and not be distracted by anything else. 

However, that phase is usually followed by a second phase of navel-gazing. At this time, a creative person feels exhausted and depressed, they have no energy for their favorite pastime, let alone to communicate with other people. They prefer to be alone with their thoughts, to wait out the apathy phase in order to quickly switch back to the first phase. And so the circle goes…

Why is it difficult for a creative person to make promising matches even with a desire to do so?

There are actually many reasons. But if we were asked to highlight three main ones, then we’d choose the following:

1. Creative people are mostly introverts
There is nothing wrong with being an introvert, of course. However, it is more difficult for such people to find a common language with new acquaintances. On the other hand, if they are already imbued with friendly or romantic feelings for someone, then it’s likely to be serious and for a long time. Creative people are usually very romantic and sincere, sensual and kind. Therefore, being an introvert for them is completely normal.

2. Creative people need to look for partners who interest them. And that doesn’t always work out.
The more specific the interests of a person, the more difficult it is for them to find like-minded people. And it is usually quite hard to communicate with those who do not share their interests. Therefore, they often get to know each other in specialized circles of interest, on themed forums and groups on social networks.

3. A creative person almost always has a lack of free time
Often you have to combine your main job or study with creativity. As a result, there is simply no time left for personal life. It’s a little easier for those whose creativity is also their main source of income, and who often attends themed events, exhibitions, forums, etc. But they are sometimes so passionate about their work that they do not see it as an opportunity to make friends or romantic acquaintances.

So are creative people doomed to be lonely? We don’t think so by any means. And we’re ready to share some tips and even interesting dating sites for artistic types.

Best dating sites and apps for creative people

Let’s say right away that we won’t be mentioning popular sites like Tinder or Badoo, which are used by the most diverse audience. Here it is very difficult to find truly creative people who it’s really interesting to talk to. But there are a lot of great alternatives:

Artist Dating — a dating site for creative people, regardless of their field of activity. Here you can find like-minded people on almost any topic. This means that you’ll definitely not be alone. So if you’re a creative person with a wide range of interests, be sure to pay attention to Artist Dating.

Love Arts — a dating site for lovers of art in all its manifestations. Here you can specify your gender, potential partner’s gender, age range, as well as search location. Nothing extra, just basic search settings. But the audience here is very active, creative and sociable. You’ll like it.

Uniform Dating — not a typical dating service. The fact is that it is intended for “men in uniform” and girls who like them. But there is a separate section for artists and creative people in general. So we advise you to consider this site as well — the chances of meeting your soulmate here are very high.

POM — a dating platform for music lovers. The main idea behind POM is to bring people together based on their musical tastes. The service will please users not only with a modern design and an interesting approach to dating, but also with very convenient mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Omegle — a random video chat site that connects random users via video. A useful feature of Omegle is search by interests. You simply enter a list of your interests and hobbies in a special field, and the system then starts looking for suitable partners for you. If you’re looking for decent alternatives to Omegle that also have gender, geographic, and other features, visit Omegle alternative or OmeTV. These sites, among other things, offer a handy built-in message translator. Very convenient if you want to chat with foreign users, but do not know the language.

Admittedly the choice is not as large as many would like. But this is a case where quality is more important than quantity. Of course, you can try other sites, including more popular ones. However, we recommend starting the search for new friends and a soulmate on sites listed above.

Creative people can find a match too
It is unlikely that anyone would deny that creative people in this world are a little more difficult than others. They are more likely to suffer from loneliness, are too focused on creativity, and often quite closed and overly independent. But if they find their love, then it’s usually serious and for a long time.

If you are a creative person, we advise you to try not to withdraw into yourself, but to take at least a small step towards making new acquaintances. Start with those online sites that we have listed. They will help you find like-minded people, make interesting friends and just have a good time. Especially if you are in a phase of apathy right now. 

Believe us, a simple friendly conversation can greatly change your mood for the better. And, perhaps this ordinary conversation with a stranger will sooner or later develop into something much more. Why not at least give it a try? You have nothing to lose!

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