Curvy Characters in British Drama Movies, Why Are They So Attractive?

When it comes to the ‘perfect figure,’ many of today’s fashion gurus will point towards the waif-like Twiggy, who became a style icon in the 1960s. They might even focus on superstars of the 1990s, like Kate Moss. But the women with the largest fan clubs are to be found in classic movies when performers like Marilyn Monroe or Diana Dors proudly displayed their hourglass figures. Here we’ll take a closer look into why curvaceous characters have always been so appealing.

Popular Curvy Characters in British Drama

Straight guys drool over large busts; gay men often see strong, sassy women as style icons. For men, partners who obsess about weight and nibble lettuce leaves in restaurants are the ultimate passion killers. Humans are hard-wired to be drawn towards potential partners in terms of producing babies – and women with larger hips and a gravity-defying cleavage tick this box – 100%!

Want to Meet a Curvy Beauty Yourself? Go Online

Single males hoping to find an example of a British cinema icon in the real world might gravitate toward digital matchmaking. By checking out the top 10 BBW dating sites, they could gain an overview of the best websites and apps aimed at plus-sized girls. Gaining an insight into aspects such as user-friendliness, ease of navigation, and matching features, anyone can decide which particular site would offer the best chance of interacting with sexy BBW. So many large ladies are to be found utilizing these services because they are never judged in this environment, which is terrific for their self-esteem.

Top 5 Popular British Movies That Improve Your Self-Esteem

On that subject of self-esteem and the closely related topic of body-positivity, here are some of the most worthwhile British films that preset BBW in a glowing aura.

My Mad Fat Diary

This comedy-drama is all about Rae, a 16-stone 16-year-old, played with empathy for all curvier girls by the sensually buxom Sharon Rooney. As well as humor, there is pathos and serious points about mental health issues that can impact BBW. It’s also perfect for a date night since it brings up a sensitive topic and lets you get to know your date better.

Carry On Screaming

The Carry On team, featuring an ensemble cast of recurring character actors, has been one of the most enduring and successful British movie franchises ever. Lampooning the more serious Hammer Horror films produced in the UK, one of the stars of this black comedy is Fenella Fielding, playing Valerie, a top-heavy maneater. This comedy horror movie is perfect for a date night to cuddle during watching.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

She may be out of shape, hooked on fags and booze, and always chasing men (with varying degrees of success), but Bridget (played to perfection by Renee Zellweger, oozes sexiness – especially when she dons a bunny girl costume. It’s a romantic comedy, and what can be better for a date night than romance doubled with some laughs?


A film that made a star of English icon, Michael Caine, is set in the Swinging Sixties and reveals the sex discrimination that was prevalent at that time. But there are also ample vixens able to hold their own with the unsavory male characters. The film also brings up sensitive topics, so it’s perfect for discussing with your date after watching it together.

Man Up

Mistaken identity during a blind date. With fabulous characters, including women who look natural, this riveting romcom has lots of funny situations but is also good for female self-esteem and watching on a date night as well!

Modern magazines might regularly feature thin models, but cinematic history has often paid homage to voluptuous females. Dramatizations of Jane Austen’s romantic novels make full use of heaving bosoms! Similarly, a recent biopic of romance author Emily Bronte will reflect an age when women were less concerned with fad diets and enjoyed lavish meals. So, if you’re looking for cinematic entertainment that celebrates full-figured women, feast your eyes on any of the titles we’ve suggested, keeping an eye out for BBW living life to the full!

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