C2E2 Interview: Author ‘Tricia Levenseller’ Talks Her New Book Daughter Of The Siren Queen

When I first sat down with Tricia Levenseller’s new book, Daughter of the Siren Queen, I thought I would read for 15-30 minutes before going to bed, but the next thing I knew, it was an hour and a half later. The pages flew by as the story unfolded and I was introduced to many new and exciting characters. Tricia takes her fans on another high sea adventure in the follow up to her highly successful debut novel, Daughter of the Pirate King.

Levenseller does an excellent job weaving together action, magic, and romance for her captain, Alosa, who is as beautiful as she is ruthless. Alosa has been betrayed and forced into a race for a hidden treasure. She has no choice but to take the fight to her father if she wants to experience real freedom and protect her crew.

It is easy to see the influence of the Pirates of the Caribbean films on Levenseller. Her story is just as action-packed, tweaked with mystical elements that those films feature, and is as good as the best of them. I think the author made a brilliant decision by expanding the mythology of a creature like the siren. It is one we all know the name of, but other than singing and causing shipwrecks, they remain a mystery.

While the series does function best when you read the books in order, I found that there was enough back story that Daughter of the Siren Queen can be appreciated as a standalone. However, I think once you get to know Alosa, her love interest Riden, and her all-female crew of buccaneers you will want to pick up book one and get the complete experience. After Alosa and Riden, my favorite character was Roslyn, a precocious 6-year-old with the spirit of a seasoned sailor who stole the focus every time she was on the page. Daughter of the Siren Queen is currently available from Feiwel & Friends a division of Macmillan Publishers.

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