Book Review: ‘Zoey Is Too Drunk For This Dystopia: A Zoey Ashe Novel’ By Jason Pargin

by | Oct 2, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

If you’re not familiar with the Zoey Ashe world, here is a quick overview. She’s 23 years old, the illegitimate daughter of a rich, criminal, who was killed a year ago, and now Zoey finds herself mega-rich, living in a huge, fortified mansion, with bodyguards, led by Will and Wu. Even her two cats have their own bedrooms. She owns most of the businesses and town of Tabula Ra$a, located in Utah. Oh, and usually there’s someone who’s trying to kill her. There’s all sort of unrest going on, and Zoey is in the middle of it. A mayoral election, with a horrible candidate, who is leading the polls. Three sex workers have gone missing from Zoey’s brothel (yes, they’re legal). Zoey is always on the go for some sort of meeting or event, and it’s carefully scouted. But Zoey will often do what she wants, the consciences be damned. And in this book she’s in trouble a lot, has to help carefully take down the bad guys, and along the way she will lose a valued member of her team. Author Jason Pargin has a unique writing style that is fantastic (you should follow him on Twitter). The book is filed with unique, fun characters, and lots of LOL moments. Fans of the series will be happy with this one.

You can pick up Zoey Is Too Drung For The Dystopia in stores on Tuesday, October 31st from St. Martins Press.