Book Review: ‘You’d Be Mine’ Is A Great Debut Young Adult Novel By Erin Hahn

I will be the first to admit I am so far out of the YA/Young Adult demo to be enjoying these books so much when I get them. They are so refreshing from all of the murder mysteries I usually get. Don’t get me wrong I love that genre but sometimes it’s good to mix it up. A fresh new face to the genre is Erin Hahn and her first novel gets released via Wednesday Books (St. Martin’s Press) on Tuesday, April 2. It’s a great story about two teenage Country Music superstars who have gotten success at young ages but come with a lot of personal baggage.

Clay Coolidge is a Country Music Superstar at a young age. He also has a lot of personal demons and has gotten himself into more than one bad situation. His label is ready to drop him right before his big summer tour of big outdoor venues. They want him to get rising superstar Annie Mathers to open the tour. She has had success with YouTube videos and has famous parents who were in the business. Clay convinces her to be his opening act.

As they embark on their tour it’s not that easy. Both Annie and Clay are great on stage. But offstage it’s different. They both have their demons crop up everyday. Clay is drinking too much and Annie is just insecure. They start to bond and get close. But their fame and demons might also drive them apart. If they don’t face them it could all be over before it begins.

Will Annie be able to save Clay or will Clay be able to save Annie and move forward? The story is a great look at not only two people who have issues and are afraid to face them but a great look at the music industry and what it is like touring all summer long. It’s has great characters, a compelling young love story and has you rooting for the two main characters. That’s the mark of a good writer.

Congrats to author Erin Hahn on her debut and if her future books are as good as this she will be a force for years to come.

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