Book Review: ‘You Will Remember Me: A Novel’ By Hannah Mary McKinnon

A man wakes up in only his shorts on a beach in Maryland with no idea who he is. All he knows is something about Maine and he ends up hitching a ride there. He’s soon recognized as Asher, the missing brother of Maya. He has very little memory of here and she is filling him in on his life and slowly he remembers little things. Meanwhile in Maryland, Lily is waiting for her boyfriend Jack and soon discovers he has vanished, last seen at the beach. It is believed he might be dead. When she finds a clue to his past in Maine, she’s able to go there and find him. But not all is as it seems. He has a feeling about her and Maya doesn’t like it. As the days go by and shocking secrets are revealed it leads to a deadly plan and a shocking ending. A twisty story that will keep readers engaged and think they know what is going to happen and then bam it all changes.

You can pick up You Will Remember Me in stores on Tuesday, May 25th from MIRA.

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