Book Review: ‘You Were There Too: A Novel’ By Colleen Oakley

Two people that have never met have had dreams about each other and when they finally meet they try to figure out why in author Collen Oakley’s new book You Were There Too.

Painter Mia and her husband Harrison, who is a doctor, have moved from Philadelphia to a small town about an hour and a half away. And then Mia becomes pregnant again and for the third time miscarries. They are both devastated. And on top of that Mia is having dreams about a mysterious man she has never met. And then one day at the supermarket she sees the man Oliver for a minute. Then it turns out he’s the brother of one of Harrison’s patients. And they start talking and hanging out and he admits he has had dreams about her as well.

Things in Mia’s marriage are not going great. Harrison is having issues getting over a young patient’s death, something he knows he could have prevented. And on top of that he isn’t sure he wants to try for anymore kids since they have lost three already. So Mia and Oliver.

The more they did about what the dreams mean it starts to take a turn into an area it shouldn’t go. Mia is married and loves her husband. They a psychic tells her something that involves Oliver that she finds shocking. It all leads to a shocking event that will forever change things for Mia, Harrison and Oliver and the prediction from the psychic might come true.

This story was just there for me. I liked the premise of the story but something felt flat for me. I found myself saying is this all there is? The story does have good twists and turns and leads up to the shocking event.

You can decide for yourself when You Were There Too is released on Tuesday, January 7th from Berkley Trade.

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