Book Review: ‘You Should Have Known: A Novel’ By Rebecca A. Keller

Frannie Greene is a retired nurse, and her children have convinced her to move to a retirement village, much against her wishes. She’s slow to make friends, but hits it off with Katherine, and they become fast friends. Then she sees who her husband is, a retired judge that presided over the case of her dead granddaughter, who was hit by a drunk driver. The word back then was he was corrupt, and he let the killer go. This outrages Frannie to this day, and she decides he must pay. She messes with his medication, but he is not dead, someone else is. The investigation points to one of the employees, who Frannie knows didn’t do it. She decides to becomes a detective, and soon figures out who the real killer is, and sees how things really run at the retirement home. A solid, fun debut novel from author Keller. The story keeps you engaged, and Frannie is a well-written character.

You can pick up You Should Have Known in stores on Tuesday, April 4th from Crooked Lane.

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