Book Review: ‘You Had Me At Hola: A Novel’ By Alexis Daria

by | Jul 25, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Actress Jasmine Lin Rodriguez is back in New York to star in a new series for the top rated streaming service (think a Netflix). She’s also trying to get over being dumped by her famous singing boyfriend after three months.

Ashton Suarez is taking over the role of the lead male co-star after the actor that was hired breaks his leg. He’s been a soap and telenovela star for years.

The last thing either one of them wants or needs is a romance, which often happens on TV series. Ashton has a secret son that he fiercely protects after an incident years ago. He’s done a good job hiding him away. And Jasmine is still on the rebound.

Of course this being a rom-com it follows the familiar pattern. They are attracted to each other and try to fight it. They end up in bed and have hot sex and fall for each other (and author Alexis Daria can write some hot sex scenes). Just as the show is wrapping up, things happen and it breaks Jasmine and Ashton up and endangers the future of the show.

Will they be able to put their issues behind them, move on from the past and get it together for the future?

This is a really fun story, with interesting characters, a great look at the Hispanic community and the behind the scenes making of a TV show. A good August beach read.

You can pick up You Had Me At Hola in stores on Tuesday, August 4th from Avon Books (Harper Collins).