Book Review: ‘You Can’t Catch Me’ By Catherine McKenzie

Jessica Williams is having a tough time lately. She escaped a cult 12 years ago thanks to Liam, a private detective. She changed her life around and became a journalist writing about the cult of Todd. But she was just fired for a story she wrote that she plagiarized. She also got a big payoff as she was going to go public with a case against the company. She’s also on social media and gets a lot of backlash after being fired. She announces she’s going on a trip.

At the airport she meets another Jessica Williams with the same birth date as hers. They talk for a while and then exchange phone numbers by tapping their phones. Then a week later when Jessica is home and turns on her phone she sees her bank account of $250,000 is empty. Her money has been stolen. She goes to the bank and finds that she took the money out. But she didn’t. The other Jessica Williams hacked her phone and all her info.

Jessica goes to the police who can’t do much. She enlists the help of Liam to try and find this woman and get her money back. She looks for other Jessica Williams that might have had the same thing happen to them and finds two. They devise a plan to find the Jessica that took all their money and set a plan in motion. One that turns deadly.

We also get the backstory of the cult and Jessica’s involvement as well as her parents. How she was rescued by Liam and the story of her friendship with another cult member Kiki. And then we learn how everything ties together with the cult and what has been happening to the Jessica’s.

A thrilling story right from the start with a strong female character in Jessica. Just when you think you have it figured out, Author Catherine McKenzie throws twist after twist you don’t see coming and your jaw drops. A well-done thriller.

You can pick up You Can’t Catch Me in stores on Tuesday, June 9th.

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