Book Review: ‘You Can Go Home Now: A Novel’ By Michael Elias

Nina Karim is a single NYPD detective. She loves Ryan Reynolds, sunsets and walking on the beach. She also has to solve many cases on her job, sometimes dealing with a lot of crazies. She’s had a tragic live when her father was shot to death years ago by a pro-life fanatic (her father worked for Planned Parenthood), her young brother was killed (he never recovered from seeing his father shot) and her mother never really recovered. She vowed one day that she would find the killer (who got away clean with no leads).

When a man goes missing and is later found dead, his wife is the prime suspect. She has an alibi that she was in a woman’s shelter (her husband beat her). As Nina digs for clues the shelter keeps coming up. More murders/missing people have shown up, with the wives/girlfriends alibis being they were at the shelter at the time of guys were killed. Nina decides she needs to go undercover and investigate the shelter. She devises a plan and a story to get in and see what’s coming on.

She also gets word that a man has been taken into custody in Hawaii who may have a lead about who killed her father. She gets a name and decides she will go after him herself. She makes a tragic mistake and while in the shelter the tables are turned on her and she may not make it out alive.

A solid thriller with a strong female lead character. Revenge is often a great motive for story and it works perfectly here. With a few major twists and turns the story flows along up to the climatic ending.

You can pick up You Can Go Home Now in stores on Tuesday, June 23rd from Harper.

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