Book Review: ‘Wrong Place Wrong Time: A Novel’ By Gillian McAllister

There’s a reason Reese Witherspoon picked this book as a book club pick, because it is Great! It has everything you want in a novel. A compelling, well-written, unique story that you will not want to put down. Author Gillian McAllister has really outdone herself with this novel (and she always writes great novels). One of the best books of the year. Jen Brotherhood is marries, is a lawyer and has an 18 year-old son Todd. On the evening of October 30th she’s waiting for him to get home. She is in the front window and sees him coming and a strange man walking towards him. Then she sees Todd stab the man. Then the police arrive and arrest him. The next morning when Jen wakes up it’s the day before and then when she wakes up again it’s an earlier day. Everyday she wakes up is going back in time. And each day Jen is learning something about what happened on Oct. 30th and she remembers everything but is reliving days alreay passed. And she learns shocking secrets that will lead to what happened on the day Todd stabbed the man. But she doesn’t know how or when she will return to that day and as she goes back in time to each day, the shocks and secrets become even more shocking. With the information she has, she wonders if she can change the past and at what point she will return to the present. A must-read novel.

You can pick up Wrong Place Wrong Time in stores now from William Morrow.

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