Book Review: ‘Witcha Gonna Do?: A Novel’ By Avery Flynn

A magical, delightful, witchy rom-com, that will have you smiling by the end, as you follow to people falling in love. Matilda Sherwood is one of the daughters of the powerful Sherwood family and she has no magic. Gil Connolly, a witch, wants nothing more than to get his family back from The Beyond, where his witch parents have been banished by the council. He’s been working for them in secret, as well as being a double-agent, working for the Resistance, who are helping to save his parents. His target is Matilda, to find out if she really has powers. When he saves her, the sexual tension between them goes haywire, and he figures out what her power is, she can enhance any spells, and she knows nothing about this power. They spend more time together and the attraction gets deeper and deeper. When Matilda accidently freezes her family, Gil comes up with a plan to save them. And along the way they finally have sex (and it’s hot and the scenes written are hot). To save her family, it will mean taking on other powerful families and getting them unfrozen before it’s too late. A really fun, sexy way to end the year.

You can pick up Witcha Gonna Do? in stores on Tuesday, December 6th from Berkley.

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