Book Review: ‘Wife After Wife’ By Olivia Hayfield

Henry The VIII is one of the most famous rulers in the history of the British Monarchy. Divorced, beheaded, survived, divorce, beheaded, survived was the fate of his six wives. All he wanted was a son and even started his own religion in order to get a divorce. Imagine if he lived in today’s society with the Me Too Movement. How would he have survived? Author Olivia Hayfield re-imagines him in her great new novel. A page-turning story that engages the reader right off and never lets up.

Starting in the year 1985 and right up to today, this is the story of Harry Rose. He has inherited the Rose Corporation from his father. He’s rich, powerful and well known for his media empire. He’s good looking, young and women flock to him. He has married Katie, his first wife. But soon tragic things happen and he strays from her. And this is a pattern throughout the book with Harry. He has children with various women, married various women, cheats on them, loses some of them to tragic deaths and the pattern repeats. Until things finally catch up with him today and it could mean the end of his empire.

You can pick up Wife After Wife in stores on Tuesday, January 21st from Berkley.

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