Book Review: ‘Who Slays The Wicked’ Is The Next Thrilling Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery

C.S. Harris is back with her 14th book featuring Sebastian St. Cyr and this time he’s in the thick of it once again. When Lord Ashworth is found dead in his bed. He’s naked and tied up and has multiple stab wounds. He’s known for having perverse sexual needs and it is assumed a woman did this to him. Sebastian is called to investigate the murder. He is also well acquainted with the victim as he was married to his niece Stephanie, who just had his twin babies. And on top of that his valet is also found dead, naked in an alley.

Sebastian starts talking with everyone and anyone associated with Lord Ashworth. He investigates his niece and finds their marriage was more of a sham. He thinks she may be guilty. Everyone knows Ashworth had it coming but they still need to find the murderer. The more he investigates the more suspects he thinks he has. At every turn he uncovers lies that potential suspects are telling him. The murder even implicates Russian diplomats that are in England on a visit. Sebastian is warned to stay away from the ladies from now on. Of course he doesn’t listen.

The more digging he does puts his life at risk when he’s jumped one night. He is able to fight the men off and soon comes across a shocking truth but it may be too late for him to expose the killer. Will this be his final mystery?

The novel has the usual characters back like his awesome wife Hero and his Father-In-Law who keeps threatening his life. These mysteries are always great reads. I look forward to them every year. It’s like visiting old friends. If you like good old-fashioned mysteries set England in the 1800’s, these are the books for you. Each novel is written like a stand-alone so you don’t have to read the previous stories to know what’s going on.

You can pick up Who Slays The Wicked in stores on Tuesday, April 2nd from Berkley.

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