Book Review: ‘White Elephant’ Is A Great Debut Novel From Author Julie Langsdorf

Author Julie Langsdorf has written a great debut novel title White Elephant. It’s a great look at a small neighborhood and the people that live in it and that argue and have issues with each other. There are secrets that come to light and the characters are greatly written.

In the small town of Willard Park things have been good until a new neighbor Nick Cox moves in and decides to build a new house that overshadows the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. This makes everyone upset and the new owner won’t listen to their complaints or those of his neighbors right next door Allison and Ted. Especially when Nick cuts down a tree that was very important to the Ted.

Things get heated throughout the book when we learn about the families, their backstories and an illicit affair takes place. Secrets are revealed and what we learn about the Cox’s and everyone else will forever change their lives and that of the people around them. Seems in this small town no ones secrets are safe.

The story is great with twists and turns and a great look at at a small town, rich neighborhood where money can’t always buy your way out of trouble.

Author Julie Langsdorf will be one to watch in the future. You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, March 26 from Ecco.

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