Book Review: ‘Whiskey When Dry’ Is A Great Novel

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

It took author John Larison eight years to write this novel. It was well worth the wait. It’s a stunning, highly enjoyable story that starts off strong and just keeps going. It’s a page-turner you won’t want to put down. Even when you finish it you will still want more. That’s the mark of a good writer. The characters (especially lead character of Jessilyn) and story are just great set in the old plains of the west in the late 1800’s.

They were a family of four until her mother died young. Then it was just Pa, Jessilyn and her older brother Noah. Things were going fine for a while until Noah grew up and started getting into with his father. One day he just took off and never to be heard from again. Jessilyn did everything she could to help out her dad. Then one day he died and it was just her. She tried to keep things moving along but it became to much. Then word came that Noah had become an outlaw in the west.

Packing up her horse, what little supplies she could find and a little money she took off heading out west to try and find Noah. She dressed herself like a man to try and make things easier on herself and for the most part pulled it off. This is where her adventures really picked up. Heading through snowy mountains, meeting thieves and eventually getting a job with a crooked, mean Governor who took a shine to her (but thought was a man). Gave her a job and things seemed to be going fine.

This is the area where Noah had been doing his attacks and was wanted by the law. When he shows up one day during a big event her and Jessilyn are reunited and she learns the truth about what he’s been doing and must make decisions as to what their future will be now that they are reunited.

Just a sunning debut story with a great look at the old west, outlaws, the law and what is was like to live in those days. With some great twists and turns it’s well worth reading.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, August 21st from Viking.