Book Review: ‘Wherever She Goes’ Is The New Novel From Kelley Armstrong

Aubrey Finch has been having a rough time lately. She has just separated from her husband Paul and he has kept custody of their little 3 year old girl. Aubrey still has visitation rights and has moved into a small, crappy apartment. She has gotten a job at the library and is saving to buy someplace nicer so she can try and get joint custody. And Aubrey has some big secrets about her past that no one knows about.

When she is at the park with her daughter she talks to a woman who is there with her little boy very briefly. A couple of days later she sees the little boy being dragged into a car in the lot by the park. She calls the police to report it and they say they will investigate. The police have no reports of any missing children. They the body of the woman Aubrey met is found and she has been murdered. Aubrey again goes to the police with what she knows but they look at her like she is crazy.

She decides to investigate this on her own and starts to follow leads she has come up with. In a previous life she was quite the hacker and puts the skills to good use. She soon tracks down who the woman was, what her name was and her family. This all leads to a run in with some bad people and she learns the truth about the baby and the woman. And she soon finds herself and her family in danger which leads to a climatic showdown with some nasty people. And it may just cost her her life.

Author Kelley Armstrong is the author of the Casey Duncan series among other books she has written. This is another great character in Aubrey Finch. A determined, smart woman who is determined to overcome her past and to find the truth about this little boy and his mother before it’s too late. Secrets, lies and a page-turning tale that keeps the reader engaged until the very end.

You can pick up Wherever She Goes in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from Minotaur Books.

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