Book Review: ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ By Bernie Sanders Looks At The Last Two Years In Washington Politics

In the 2016 Presidential race Bernie Sanders started a movement that didn’t quite get him to the end. The odds were stacked against him with Hillary Clinton getting most of the support from the Democratic committee and the super-delegates. Still Bernie defied the odds and actually did really well. In his new book he goes behind the scenes of his campaign, his dealings with the DNC, Hillary Clinton and his supporters.

He gives details on how he negotiated with them to get some of his platform into the party, how he fought for healthcare, how he started in politics, his push to get help for Puerto Rico and how things really work in Washington. No stone is unturned and no one is off limits. Bernie is honest and tells it like it is. He is also not afraid to take on Trump and give his feelings on the man.

This honest book is Bernie being Bernie like he was on the campaign trail and like he is today. He’s outspoken and tells it like it is and makes no apologies for anything. If you want a no holds bar look at Washington and the election process, go out and get the book in stores on Tuesday, November 27th, from St. Martin’s Press.

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