Book Review: ‘When I Was You: A Novel’ By Amber Garza

by | Aug 7, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Two Kelly Medina’s in the same town is one too many in this new thriller by Amber Garza.

Kelly Median gets a call from her old pediatric office confirming her appointment for her ‘well-baby’ appointment. Thing is Kelly doesn’t have a baby. It’s been many years since she has. It turns out there’s another Kelly in town with the same name. At first Kelly shrugs it off. Then she keeps thinking about this other Kelly and the fact she has a son and is young. She ends up seeing her at her appointment and they strike up a friendship.

This is problematic for the older Kelly. She has had a lots of problems the last few months (can’t say any as they would be spoilers) and she becomes obsessed with this new Kelly. Things end up coming to a head and something shocking happens but just who is playing who?

A solid if not predictable thriller. Some of it you can figure out as you’re reading along and then some twists and turns you will not see coming save it by the end.

You can pick up When I Was You in stores on Tuesday, August 25th from Mira.