Book Review: ‘What Would Dolly Do?’ Is One Fans Look At Her Life

We all have idols and people we look up to. For author Lauren Marino is’s Dolly Parton. She has written a look at her life (it’s not a biography but an overlook at her life). She also points out highlights of her life and makes lists of what Dolly would do in certain situations.

There’s also things that she points out that may have been common knowledge but I hadn’t know about. Like Dolly’s grew up one of 12 children who lived in a small cabin. Dolly would often be having to work out in the fields. Yes Dolly Parton farming! She knew she wanted to sing and made herself a guitar at a young age. She got on a local music show and it was on from there.

The book goes behind the scenes of her marriage to a man that most people don’t ever see. Behind the scenes on 9 to 5 and The Bodyguard, where Kevin Costner did want I Will Always Love You (which Dolly recorded years earlier that went to number one). A great story about streaking at Tom Jone’s house and she was actually a producer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Along with the stories of her life, author Lauren Marino looks at the positives of Dolly’s life and how it can relate to your own life. Dolly has always had a positive look at things and if something gets her down, she picks herself up and moves on. In these days of such negative things happening in the world, What Would Dolly Do? is a positive, uplifting book. You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, April 24th from Grand Central Publishing.

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