Book Review: ‘What To Do When Someone Dies: A Novel’ By Nicci French

The husband and wife writing team known as Nicci French is back with their next thrilling novel What To Do When Someone Dies. It’s a twisty story with a wife that is determined to know the truth about her dead husband, no matter where it leads. It’s written in the unique style that Nicci French is know for.

Ellie Falkner is at home making dinner and waiting for her husband Greg to arrive. But instead of Greg it’s the cops with tragic news. Greg is dead in an automobile accident and a fire with the car. And he wasn’t alone…a woman was with him. A woman no ones seems to know in Greg’s inner circle. Ellie wants to know who she was and what she was doing with Greg. She starts an investigation on her own and tracks Greg’s movements for the last month. She isn’t sure he was having an affair and she doesn’t know when he could have. She goes undercover where the woman worked and finds out interesting information. She also finds a dead body of one of the workers. And now she’s a suspect in Greg’s death and the other one. But Ellie is not to be stopped and it even means it could be the end of her life when she learns the shocking truths.

You can pick up What To Do When Someone Dies in stores Tuesday, June 22nd from William Morrow Paperbacks.

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