Book Review: ‘What Rose Forgot’ Is The First Great Novel Of The Fall

Rose Dennis is a Grandmother in her sixties who recently lost her husband and has a lot of money. She suddenly wakes up and is not aware of where she is. Dressed in a hospital gown and foggy in a nursing home in the Alzheimers unit. She can’t remember a lot and gets up and just walks out of her room and the nursing home. She knows she lives around here somewhere but can’t quit remember. Two local teens spot her and alert the hospital and she’s back in her room.

Rose knows she shouldn’t be here. She overhears people in the hallway saying she won’t make it through the week. She is given medication which she thinks is poisoning her. She hides the fact she isn’t taking it and her head and body clear now. Rose knows she has to get out of this place and fast. She devises a plan of escape.

Her plan works and she is out but no real plan where to go. She goes to her sons house and sees her Granddaughter Mel, who is 13 years old and she talks with her about what has been happening. Mel says she started actually crazy about a month ago and they thought it best to put her in the home. Rose does not want to go back and Mel helps her out. Rose returns to her own home and contacts her sister Marion, who is a computer expert, a hacker you may even say, she hates that word though.

Marion convinces her to turn herself back in. That’s until a man shows up at her house and tries to kill her. She fends him off and gets his fingerprint and Marion is able to identify it. Rose goes to the man who attacked her and turns the table on him. She gets him to tell her why he attacked her (at least what he knows). Now Rose knows something is up and she goes on the offense. She starts putting the pieces together where she and other patients are concerned in the nursing home. With the help of Mel and one of her friends, things are becoming clear. It leads to a frantic showdown that could end Rose and the life of Mel.

This is one great book. The character of Rose is one spit-fire of a woman for someone in her sixties. She takes no crap and is commanding of her situation. The supporting characters as well make this story remarkable. I could not put this book down. It’s a real page-turner of a story. It is the first GREAT book of the fall.

You can pick up What Rose Forgot in stores on Tuesday, September 17th from Minotaur Books.

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