Book Review: ‘What Remains: A Novel’ By Wendy Walker

Detective Elise Sutton is married to Mitch, and has two daughters. On this day, she ducks into the store to buy towels, while her partner Rowan waits in the car. She hears gunshots, and instead of waiting for backup, she chases after the shooter. She sees a man fleeing, possibly about to be shot, and she kills the shooter. They never find the man that fled, until she sees his vehicle and follows him to talk. She’s been feeling guilty and lost since she killed the man, and this witness, Wade Austin, turns out to be a psycho, who is stalking Elise and her family. She decides to play his little games, and tries to turn the tables on him. It all comes down to a game of cat and mouse, and who will blink first. This is another intense thriller from Wendy, who I am a fan of, and this keeps you engaged, and reading along, to see how it will turn out. Fans of hers will be happy.

You can pick up What Remains in stores on Tuesday, June 13th from Blackstone.

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