Book Review: ‘What Happened To Ruthy Ramirez: A Novel’ By Claire Jimenez

The year is 1996, and the Ramirez family lives in Staten Island. Mom, day, daughters Nina, Jessica, and Ruthy, who is 13, and has gone missing after track practice. Now twelve years later, while watching a reality TV show one night, Jessica sees one of the girls, and swears it is Ruthy. So she and Nina start investigating, and plan to go to Boston, where the show is filmed, to see if it is indeed Ruthy. Their mother soon finds out as well (they were trying to keep it from her), and she and her friend Irene make the trip as well, which turns out to be a pretty crazy trip, ending in jail, and finding out if this woman is indeed their long-lost sister. This is a great debut novel, told from the points of view of the different characters, with some fun LOL moments, and a mystery you get engaged in, and want to learn the outcome.

You can pick up What Happened To Ruthy Ramirez in stores on Tuesday, March 7th from Grand Central.

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