Book Review: ‘We Were Killers Once’ Is The Next Thrilling Brigid Quinn Novel

Author Becky Masterman is back with book four of her Brigid Quinn series. And my first time reading one of these novels. And what a great read it is. Brigid Quinn is an awesome character. She’s strong, smart and someone you want in your corner. The story starts off strong and has lots of twists and turns to keep the reader engaged right up to the climatic ending. A series well worth investing in.

A man named Jerry is released from prison in Florida after many years and given a complete release. But he’s worried about something that happened in 1959 when a family is brutally murdered in Kansas and then another family in South Florida. He knows the truth about what happened back then and it’s not what has been reported or the two men that went to prison for it. He soon learns there may be a confession out there that could incriminate him. He goes to great lengths to try and find it and destroy it.

Brigid Quinn and he husband Carlo, a former Catholic Priest live in Tucson, Arizona. Soon Jerry learns that a confession was left with a dying priest in Florida, that might have passed it along to Carlo. A letter is soon found in a painting that the Priest had sent to Carlo. It has no real information in it other than one of the prisoners from 1959 left a confession.

Jerry makes his way to Tucson to try and find this confession and befriends Carlo. Soon Brigid gets suspicious of Jerry, finds out he’s lying about who he is and heads to Florida to investigate (she’s an ex-FBI agent). She soon finds a confession detailing exactly what happened back in 1959. Soon Jerry is holding Carlo hostage wanting the confession, something Carlo knows nothing about. Now it is up to Brigid to race back to Tucson and try to save her husband before it’s too late. It leads up to a climatic showdown and Brigid shows why she is no one to mess with.

I for one look forward to more Brigid Quinn novels. You can pick up We Were Killers Once in stores on Tuesday, June 4th from Minotaur.

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