Book Review: ‘We Must Be Brave’ Is A Heart Warming Story Of One Woman’s Life

This is the story of Ellen Parr and her life. It starts with her finding a little girl named Pamela on a bus during the early days of the war in 1940. At first no one knows what happened to her mother. Then it is learned she died in a hotel bombing. Her only sister is in South Africa and they try to contact her but they haven’t been in touch. Pamela says her dad left and didn’t want to be a dad.

Ellen never planned on having kids but becomes attached to Pamela. She decides to keep her and things are going good. Until three years later her real father shows up to claim her. He’s was in the Navy and was divorced from Pamela’s mom. He lost track of her. Now Ellen has to have another loss in her life.

Via flashbacks we learn about Ellen’s life growing up, the loss of her parents, how she met her husband and then her life after Pamela and the war.

A great story with a character in Ellen that you root for. Make sure to have kleenex handy for parts of the story. Author Frances Liardet takes the reader on an emotional journey in this heart-warming story of love and loss. Just a well done job.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, February 26th from Putnam.

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